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PATER's story

A tradition of over five generations



They are a traditional drink born from the love, devotion and work of a Romanian family.

My father used the most beautiful and ripe fruits from the family orchards, orchards located on the sunny ridges of the hills of Bogati, Arges county. The fruits, caressed by the sun and blessed by the soil, are cared for the most  pay close attention and in the most natural and healthy way possible.

I am produced in a traditional copper boiler with direct wood fire and I have a single distillation. I'm old in mulberry or oak barrels, or I'm just sitting quietly in inert pots, depending on the fruit I'm made of.  and the desire of the father.

I only have a surface filtration, because I want to keep as much of my natural taste and flavors as possible.

My family, the Mărășoiu family, takes care of everything related to PATER, production, bottling, labeling and sales.


My unique design is based on my family story and the concept of nature, tradition and craftsmanship.

The tree in the label is a family tree with a trunk shaped like a DNA structure. It contains the initials of the men in the family, those who produced, produce and will produce PATER distillates. The crown of the tree is rendered with copper foil, a tribute to the used copper boiler, the traditional Romanian still.

On the right side of the label you will find the family story and the place where the number of each bottle is handwritten.


Love. Devotion. Tradition.

Natural. Handcrafted. Tasty.

But most of all, family.


I hope you have found in my taste a pleasure as great as that which my family feels when it produces me.

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