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Plum brandy 500 ml

Plum brandy 500 ml

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Plum brandy is impetuous and offers a sweet scent of prunes with brandy, flowers woven with vegetable touches and exotic aromas: vanilla, woody spices.
The fatty alcohol, soft, very integrated, gives a feeling of suppleness, while offering a complete texture. A silky finish covers the tannins of the wood and exposes spicy shades, a note of fresh almonds and amaretto.

The best and most beautiful plums were used, harvested from orchards on the ridge of the sunny hills of Arges. The plums are crushed before being fermented to extract the best of their flavors.
One distillation. Unfiltered.
The product has been barreled in mulberry barrels for a year.



Composition: Plum distillate

Capacity: 0.50l

Vol Alc .: 37%